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Ambert Dsouza

​(Founder / Lead Singer)

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Ambert is the founder, frontman, and lead singer/rhythm guitarist of K7. He formed the band in the year 2015. He has been singing for the past 20 years.


Apart from music, he loves playing basketball. His first music achievement was making it to the semi-finals of Voice of Goa 2014.
Currently, he is focusing on his individual music career too and has released two original songs on Spotify this year (2021), and is working towards making more music. His favorite artists include - TOTO, ACDC, John Mayer, Justin Beiber, Eminem, Imagine Dragons.

Apart from working with K7, Ambert is a professional Graphic designer and Video-editor/animator.

Ambert believes in dreaming big. He trusts in the capabilities of K7 and hopes to tour with d band internationally.


Agnes Fernandes

(Vocals / Keyboardist)

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Agnes is the keyboard player and female vocalist of K7. She is also one of the founding members of the band.

She also went for music classes at ‘Taught to Teach’ in Porvorim and managed to pass the exams with distinction from ‘Trinity College-London’. She has been a part of church choirs all her school and college life. Towards the end of her third year in college, she joined k7 as a keyboardist and singer. She says k7 is the best thing that has happened to her.

She graduated from ‘St Xavier’s College of Arts, Commerce and Science -Mapusa’ and pursued her B.B.A degree. She is currently working as a Social Media Coordinator for a Marketing firm.
She also has a liking towards baking and has her own home-based small business called Guilty Pleasures Goa.

Her ambition in life is to turn her hobbies into her profession and wants to break the stereotype mentality regarding career choices. She also wishes to achieve dreams with K7.


Vinsferd Fernandes

(Bassist / Violinist / Vocals)

Vinsferd Fernandes, hailing from Salvador do Mundo, Goa, believes his standout quality as a musician is the constant drive to expand his potential and experiment with various playing styles.


The three influential musicians who sparked his interest in the bass guitar are Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), and Jaco Pastorius.At the age of 11, Vinsferd began his musical journey by learning the violin.


He was inspired by his father's uncle, a respected violinist and choir master in their village, which fueled his determination to carry on the family's musical legacy.

Apart from playing the bass for K7 he also plays the violin for a church choir. Beyond music, Vinsferd is engaged in social media marketing and branding. Football ranks as his favorite hobby alongside music. He believes in this to be his motto: "On the path to success -be patient for the right moments and be humble to appreciate the journey."

Desmond Bayross

(Lead Guitar / Vocals)

Meet Desmond Bayross, the band's lead guitar virtuoso. With a burning passion for the strings, he is completely immersed in the sonic realms of Guns and Roses, Soundgarden, Megadeth, and Pantera.


Desmond's musical journey began with the intricacies of notations, but he swiftly ventured into the wilds of guitar mastery on his own. His love for bass guitar harmoniously complements his six-string prowess. Notably, Desmond proudly earned the title of runner-up at the fiercely competitive Bajaao Vibin' blues contest 2022, showcasing his remarkable talent.


Music pulses through his veins, a legacy from his ace guitar-playing uncle, which sparked his own musical odyssey. Beyond the stage and strings, Desmond's world expands into football and the tranquil art of gardening.

Ashton Lopez


Meet our drummer!
Ashton  Lopez shines brightly with his creative flair and unshakable confidence. He draws inspiration from iconic bands such as Dream Theater, Metallica, Queen, and Rush.

His musical journey began in 2011 when he was a six-year-old. It was the legendary Queen that ignited the spark within him, propelling him on a captivating voyage in music. Ashton's dedication and talent in drumming have not gone unnoticed. He also cleared 8 grades in Trinity College London Rock & Pop Drum examinations. Beyond the rhythm and beats, Ashton finds joy in in hobbies like exploring new destinations, cycling, capturing the world through his lens in photography, and even chasing after the excitement of football. In the midst of his artistic journey,


Ashton holds dear to the words of Lester Bangs, who wisely remarked, 'The first mistake of art is to assume that it's serious.'

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